Playtime has many benefits for Dogs

The stimulation that the Dog receives during Social Time reduces the stress of the boarding. Simply, the dog has something to do! They are not bored!

The exercise makes them tired and able to sleep through the night, even if the exercise was nothing more than walking around or staying awake, it was better than sleeping off and on all day and night.

The benefits of socialization cannot be ignored. It affects their personality, mental and physical health, and behavior.

Yes, there are negatives such an occasional dog fight, injury, rash or possible spread of canine cough or other disease but they are few and far between.

The benefits of combining playtime with boarding far outweigh any negatives.

We have observed substantially happier and healthier dogs in our environment than in other kenneling situations where they do not have extensive playtime.

Our customers are happier too. They constantly tell us that their pets seem less stressed and come home happier than previous boarding experiences.

Boarding Hours:

7:00 am to 8:00 pm -Seven Days A Week

(Pets are boarded over all major holidays)

Day Care Hours:

7:00 am to 6:00 pm -Seven Days A Week


Boarding Fees: (Effective 01/01/2010)

$20.00 Per Day Per Dog*

$30.00 Per Day Two Dogs Sharing a Bedroom Suite*

$40.00 Per Day Three Dogs in our Double Bedroom Suite*

*Discount for Long-Term stays*

Day Care Fees:

$12.00 Day Per Dog Monday through Friday

(Not available on Major Holidays)



We strongly recommend that you bring your own dog food! It keeps their diet consistent, reduces stress on their digestive system. A few of their favorite toys will also help make their stay more pleasant.

Items to bring: Dog Food in a “Tupperware” type container with the Pet’s Name and all feeding and medical instructions attached to it, Medicines & shot Records, Their Favorite Blanket, Rawhide, Edible Chew Toys, Hard Rubber Chew Toys such as “Kongs”, Treats. You should not bring toys for your dogs that are easily chewed and swallowed, especially latex toys, natural bones, small toys, etc. If your dog becomes bored or possessive, they may eat the item resulting in such problems as; small pieces of bones that cause internal cuts & bleeding, blockage of intestines, etc.

Contact: Chris & Cherri Berg
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